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Total clients carried to date: 1945

Angel Flight of British Columbia is committed to ensuring that all protocols relevant to COVID-19 are strictly adhered too.

As a registered non-profit organization, our mission is to provide free air transportation to ambulatory cancer patients including children with any non-communicable illness accompanied by a parent requiring travel to treatment at cancer clinics and hospitals in Vancouver, Victoria and other cancer centres within the approved Angel Flight areas of operation.

We are Transport Canada and Canadian Transportation Agency approved.


Angel Flight is approved by both Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency and we operate within the current aviation regulations. We are an entirely volunteer-led organization with no paid employees. Our pilots are experienced and volunteer their time away from work and their families.

Our aircraft are principally small single engine planes with four seats, including the pilot. 

Each flight is planned based on the individual requirements of the client, their appointment times and time necessary to get to the treatment facility. We usually require a minimum of 72 hrs. to arrange for your flight. Weather conditions such as fog and high winds can delay or ground our flights. Therefore you are requested to have a back-up plan to get yourself to your appointment should we be unable to fly. We will ensure that you are given sufficient notice to make your appointment using your back-up plan if we are unable to fly. In most circumstances volunteer drivers can be arranged Monday-Friday for pick up in Vancouver and/or Victoria. All other transportation is the responsibility of the client.

In Victoria we fly from the Victoria Flying Club at 101-1852 Canso Rd, North Saanich and in Vancouver we fly into the South Terminal at the Vancouver International Airport. Please refer to the Where We Fly tab for the regional airports we fly into.

The Request for Flight form and a signed Waiver must be completed prior to final flight arrangements.
Our Director of Client Services, Darlene Orr will assist you in completing these. 
Jeff Morris, CEO and President of Angel Flight will make the final determination of pilots, flight times and conditions.


Transport Canada and Canadian Transportation Agency Approved


We fly fully ambulatory cancer patients including children with any non-communicable illness accompanied by a parent to treatment centres on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. As our aircraft are small, passengers must be able to climb onto the wing of the plane and then down into the cockpit with little or no assistance. We DO NOT provide flights for any person who is wheelchair dependent, has a communicable illness or who requires medical assistance in flight. Passengers must limit the amount/weight of their luggage and are asked to use soft "duffle like" bags. In most cases walkers and stroller will not fit into our planes. Passengers must wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals). Ladies are requested to wear pants. 


Please read below for important information for requesting a flight

Step 1

Call Darlene Orr

Darlene will assist you in completing
the Passenger Information Sheet and
will answer all your questions
regarding our policies and procedures.

Step 2

Click or tap the buttons below to access the forms.

Before a flight can be booked, the forms below must be completed and the waiver must be signed by all adult passengers and your physician indicating that you are safe to fly in an unpressurized plane. 

Once complete, the form must be faxed back to 250-655-0247 or 

scanned and emailed to

Step 3

Confirmation of Flight

Within 24 hrs of your scheduled flight
you will be contacted by a team member
of Angel Flight,
who will then confirm the flight details.

Please note:
  • Angel Flight is available for adults with cancer who need to get to and from facilities for treatments or tests and for children with cancer or other non-communicable diseases who are accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Passengers must be fully mobile and able to climb into the plane unassisted
  • Passengers must not have any communicable diseases or health issues that would make flying a risk
  • Be aware there is NO medical assistance on board.  


Jeff Morris

"One day in Sidney I was introduced to Chuck whose son had been through leukemia. On one occasion Chuck had been flown to Vancouver by a pilot friend to see his son who was not, at that time, doing well. When his son improved Chuck looked online and found numerous Angel Flights in the USA but none in Canada. He did some groundwork but was hampered by his lack of “airline” experience which the Regulatory Authorities wanted.

So there I was having a quiet coffee when we were introduced and within 30 minutes I had agreed to set up the Flight Operations for Angel Flight. From there I also agreed to take on Fundraising and became VP and Director of Operations.

We met Richard at the Union Club and he agreed to join us and we launched in April 2002. When Chuck decided to leave Angel Flight I took over as President and CEO. When we expanded to include adults with cancer it became obvious that Darlene, in her role of managing Cancer Lodges, was an incredible source for clients etc. So I got to know her fairly well and when she decided to retire from her position at the Lodge, I asked if she would join us – a blessing from above!!

As I write this we have carried over 1,800 clients, something we are all very proud of. And that is why we do what we do."

Jeff Morris, CEO, President & Flight Operations


Volunteers who make it happen

Jeff Morris was born in England and served in the Royal Air Force for over 15 years; flying helicopters in Borneo, Handley Page Hastings and the Lockheed C-130K Hercules

Leaving the Air Force Jeff continued his flying career in the Lockheed L1011, the Boeing 707 and 747 and eventually as Chief Flight Engineer for Cathay Pacific.

Retiring to BC, Jeff helped set up Angel Flight operations in 1999 and received the Governor Generals "Caring Canadian Award" for his continued work with Angel Flight.

Jeff was Honorary Colonel to 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force from 2009-2014.

As President and CEO, Jeff is responsibile for operations, pilots and flights.

Darlene is a retired nurse with a background in oncology nursing and management within the Canadian Cancer Society. She has worked with Angel Flight for over 15 years. In her current role as Director of Client Services for Angel Flight, Darlene is responsible for receiving all requests for flights and acts as a resource for clients accessing our service.

Richard Burke was born in England. Certified as a Chartered Accountant he worked with Deloitte in both London and Toronto. Richard has held various senior management positions including Vice President of Finance for Centra Gas. Now retired, he has retained membership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

As the Director of Finance for Angel Flight, Richard is responsible for managing and overseeing the financial operations of Angel Flight.


“Dear Jeff,

Thank you for all your hard work in coordinating the Angel Flights for me and your ability with people.

My many thanks to the volunteer pilots and their planes. To say I enjoyed each and every flight doesn’t begin to express my delight at take-offs and landings. Flying over beautiful country and the wonderful attitude of the pilots. What an incredible service that is provided for people like me. 

Thank you again you wonderful people.”

“Dear Jeff,

My family and I can never thank you and your pilots enough for the wonderful weekends we have been able to spend together because of Angel Flight and all the time given to make it possible.

There are not enough “thank you’s””

“Dear Jeff,

Once again I would like to tender my thanks to you and Angel Flight for the service you provided me for the last several weeks.

It was quite an eye opener for me to learn that there are so many people from the flying fraternity who are prepared to give up their time to help others. Please convey my thanks to those who flew me when you see them.

Best wishes.” 

“Dear Jeff Morris, pilots, volunteers and planes of Angel Flight,

As a man battling cancer I can truly attest to the stress-relieving benefits, along with the sheer joy Angel Flight service provides. Not to have to endure the debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy treatment and drugs on a long stressful ferry ride home, to exemplify.

What you guys do is powerful, outstanding, above and beyond and exemplary of real compassion and goodwill. You guys have been angels and the light in my life through some dark, harsh times and you’ve got the wings to prove it!

My gratitude is beyond words. For what you do for me and other cancer patients, my heartfelt thanks guys. As I said to one of the pilots.....”You know the only good thing about cancer...The free flights between Victoria and Vancouver.””


If you have a MINIMUM of 300 hours as Pilot in Command and 
want to help us with our mission, please download
the pilot volunteer form below and Jeff will contact you.


REG. #87866501RR

We are a registered charity. If you'd like to make a donation, please make your cheque payable to 'Angel Flight of British Columbia' and mail it to:

Angel Flight of British Columbia

PO Box 2623

Sidney, BC V8L 4C1

Receipts will be issued for donations over $25.